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October 28, 2019


Ethan Peters

Wow I feel so sad for those people especially the littlle kids they were so young and didn't deserve to die


I hope the sick [deleted] that did this is dead and rotting in hell. how could anyone find it their heart to hurt children? People like that make it harder for people to help one another because we don't know who we can trust. And i feel very badly for the parents too, I don't know what is worst all of them dying together or just a couple I can't imagine what must have going through everyone's mind--family, friends, and neighbors. I am sorry for those who lost someone that night.

Rev . Rose Marie Charland

Who in their ( right mind ) could do such a thing ? How sad it is that all the photos have not been found . It sounds to me this person did not act alone. I am quite sure this case can be solved however , the predators are surly long dead . It would be quite awesome to know the whom as well as the why !


Rev Charland, there is NO WAY this case can be solved. Fingerprinting just beginning in 1912 and DNA unheard of.


Sounds like they knew the murders, such brutality suggests revenge of some type.

Chicago Gurl

A long gone situation. May the poor victims REST IN PEACE!

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