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January 21, 2019


Inspector Winship

Fanciful may be too kind a word. Some newspapers flat out made it all up. From interviews with the principal investigators to "confessions" by the accused. It would have been very easy for readers to reach the conclusion not enough was being done to secure conviction and those same readers taking matters into their own hands.

Sheri O'Connell

Why are there so much discrepancies about the evidence? Some say decapitation, some say bludgeon, some say there was a cut on one of the Stillingers, one doesn't. One says there was a conspiracy, others a sexual motive while still others say they were just another family to get struck by a serial killer. I don't know why the axe would be used upside down or why the lamps were dismantled and on the floor. tricky crime to solve.

haute hippie

this is some scary stuff that happens way out in the 'docks. reminds me of the woman serial killer that killed and buried several men on her farm including her husband, before she fled and was never apprehended

Mary B

Thank you Dr. Epperly for all the wonderful articles. Remembering the Moore family and Stillinger girls today on the 99th anniversary of their death. My thoughts and prayers to all family members still affected by this tragedy.

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