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June 12, 2013


judie delano

I have read in one of the reports that a large pool of blood was at the top of the stairs?


Judie, what "report" do you mean? If it was a newspaper account, most were inaccurate and others almost entirely fictional. Journalistic ethics were very flexible in those days.

Inspector Winship

Admin: I 'm glad you said that about the "pool of blood" at the top of the stairs. I've had a heck of a time trying to figure out how it would have got there. I had come to the conclusion it was either made up or an exaggeration of a possible "splotch" of blood. I had decided on the latter but now I won't worry about it :)

The Inspector


I think the bodies should be possibly exhumation for possible dna evidence and further clues. I think it was a possible serial killer of an unknown origin possible someone hired to kill this family.

Judie Delano

While I am leaning toward Rev Kelly's guilt, since he didn't have alot of money, it seems, he would have taken the coin purse and the watch, as well as anything else he could find. As for the mirrors covered, my grandmother believed that, also stopping the clocks. the rev being from England, probally grew up believing in those same customs.I still wish there was some way to solve this case.

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