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June 03, 2013



outside of a random act of violence, such as a serial killer, I have always suspected the motive for the Moore killings to be vengeful. As Deep Throat is rumored to have said, Follow the Money...who would stand to gain financially if Joe Moore was killed and his franchise thus lost? Wouldn't that point back to FF Jones, who had lost the John Deere franchise when Joe Moore left his employ? I don't think an entire family would have been wiped out just for Joe Moore sneaking around with Albert's wife. Joe might have gotten beat up or threatened, but certainly not his entire family killed.

Ed Epperly

Mark: I agree that Dona Jones' sexual activities would not have provoked F.F. Jones to murder, but neither do I believe he would have killed over business conflicts. Instead I think it is clear that the Villisca murders were committed by a sexual psychotic. This was not the work of a contract killer but instead a sexual murderer.

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