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March 22, 2013


Zane Gregg

Reading about this mystery is so chilling, i keep looking at the pics of the vistims, so so sad, for all of them, watched alot of videos of the house, being haunted, im into old houses, love the way it was set up, i sit and wonder how it would b to live in the old n days, but my thing is, this happened over 100 years ago and it is a mystery, but how can u b able to solve who done it, im sure every one that lived back then is now deceased, and when i sit and listen to stories, some say that when they were being axed to death, this happened and that happened, how do they know, were they there when it was happening, lost and confused, but very interesting....and i will read the book, where can i get one

Ed Epperly

Zane: Yes everyone who experienced the murder directly is dead, but they left tracks. Many newspaper stories have survived. Some of those on the scene have left accounts and interviews detailing what they saw. An even better source is the government records that have been saved. These reports and testimony were often taken under oath and are quite detailed. They provide an avenue into the case and the murder scene itself. I have little use for a ghost speaking in 2013 but a great deal of interest in what Marshal Horton said on June 12,1912.

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