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October 29, 2009


Inspector Winship

Almost a hundred years later and the town still wishes to bury the crime. Similar to the Titanic's effect on maritime standards and safety, this crime had a lasting impact on the way crime is investigated, not just in Iowa, but nation wide. Like it or not, it is a part of Villisca's history. It is indeed a chilling thought when a few people can shut down what is being spoken in the town square.

Judie Delano

I visited the exhibit in August 09,and I am stunned that a few people could have it removed. It was tasteful and very interesting. From the number of people there, many thought so also. The town of Villisca, though lovely, needs tourists and their money. Do you think people visit Fall River and Salem just for the historic aspect? No the biggest is murder and witches. The narrow mided minority in Villisca need to "get over it" the crime happened. Take advantage of it and save their town! We in the Fredericksburg VA area know that tourist visit our civil war battlefields, not because the Rebels and Yanks were dancing on them!

Kelly Rundle

Just to clarify, we have no information that anyone in the City of Villisca complained about the 1912 axe murder display at the Montgomery County History Center in Red Oak, Iowa. They may have, but we haven't heard that. The complaints we have heard about came from elsewhere. Beyond the collection in the public library in Villisca, the display was the only historically accurate account of the crime available to the public in the County.

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