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March 09, 2009


Inspector Winship

Wow Dr. Epperly, what are your feelings about Wilkerson again? :) Great post! This is just the kind of stuff I like to get into. I had never heard about Frank Robinson's story. I've always felt bad for the Ross Moore Family because I feel they were the most manipulated by Wilkerson. That those schisms still run so deep after nearly 100 years is astounding to me.

Britt Stevens

This is was a fascinating and insightful story on an obscure character in the axe murder case. I look forward to many more posts of this type. Thank you Dr. Epperly.


"Inspector," glad you enjoyed the little piece on Frank Robinson. It is the fun of tracking down modest folks like Frank that keeps me interested in the Villisca case. Detective Wilkerson was a piece of work. The villisca case, particularly the community split, would have been much less corrosive if Wilkerson had never left Kansas City. I follow your blog with interest. --Ed Epperly

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