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Was this man ever thoroughly interrogated by Paris police? There are photos on the net where you can seen him being interviewed by French radio Europe 1. Are recordings or transcripts of his statements to the press available?
Would it be possible to have access to the police files? Also, would Jean's autopsy report shed more light on the mystery of the exceptionally high alcohol percentage in her blood (and how this was administered)?

Even after 40 odd years, Jean deserves the full truth about how she met her death to come out.

Thank you for your comment/question. Garry McGee's "Breathless" biography addresses most of your questions in more detail. Hasni was questioned by French police, perhaps twice, and he is thought to have returned to Algeria. I'm not certain how reliable his statements to the press might be. There is an autopsy report, but I do not know whether it is readily available to the public. We agree, Jean deserves justice in the matter of her untimely and mysterious death in Paris.

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