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September 23, 2008



I've been looking for one of these for quite some time. Would you be willing to sell it?


Congratulations on your find! (I know it was a year ago now.) Yours seems to be in fabulous condition!! I, too, had been admiring them for some time, amazed at the prices. I found one yesterday at the Habitat store for $5. Mine was rusted on the inside of the outer bowl. I took it apart, removed all the loose rust, sprayed the inside (after completely taping the outside) with a rust inhibiting primer, then topcoated with a silver. Removed all the blue tape, used a little chrome polish and voila! A beautiful bucket!


My wife inherited hers from her grandfolks. It was in fair condition only because of the gunk that had built up on the finish. Took some NevrDull to it, and now it sparkles like new!
Recently, we went to the wife's girlfriend's house, and she also had one. Ours has the bakelite, and the other had wooden knobs. Nice ice buckets.They'll last forever.
Small world!

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