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The New "Ford" 8N Tractor

New Boomer 8N and vintage Ford 8N.

Have you seen the new 8N tractor?  That's no mistake, I said new.  According to their literature online, the New Holland Boomer 8N is a new tractor that combines vintage design with modern technology.  They say it provides comfort and reliability in a compact package.  All, as they say, in the same timeless styling of the original Ford 8N.

Side view of the new Boomer 8N tractor.

As you may know, Ford acquired New Holland tractor company in 1985.  Ford later sold New Holland to Fiat and required them to stop using the Ford name in 2000.  The new 8N seems to be the ag equivalent of the new classics in the automotive world: VW Beatle, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger.

New Boomer 8N with the classic Ford 8N tractor.

The Boomer 8N is 10 feet 2 inches long, 6 feet 6 inches wide, and 8 feet, 2 inches high.  It weighs in at 2,950 pounds.  It features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), and they claim it "drives like a car."  Customized chrome accessories, canopies, and decals are optional.


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