It all Began in 1946 - My Ford 9N Tractor Restoration Journey

Introducing Ken's 9N Blog


My name is Ken.  I am a barber, who is restoring a 1939 Ford 9N farm tractor in a Midwestern suburban garage.  I will tell you more about that later.

But first I'll tell you how and why I am doing this Ken's 9N blog.

While I am pretty good with a wrench, hammer, or saw, computers and I don't generally get along.  So, my son will be doing this blog for me.  But, if you contact me, I will be the one who responds to your questions or comments.

I can't promise lilting prose (my son wrote that - and he will be editing my blog entries), but I will share my trials and triumphs as I tackle and complete this antique farm implement restoration project.

I will also pass on a valuable trick or two that will save you some time and money with your own Ford 9N, 2N, or 8N tractor restoration project.  I hope you will also share your tips, photos, and stories.

Keep wrenching.




I finally got around to looking at this site. I am impressed. Are you making good progress on the restoration? I do find it interesting that you are restoring a Ford when one of your two barbershops is in John Deere's corporate headquarters.

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