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October 06, 2008


Turtle Heart

The Iowa are a ceremonial migration of the Ahnishinabeg Aneeg. Sacred Pipe from the Minnesota quarry was first quarried for use in the sacred life by the central core of the Ahnishinabek in Minnesota. Otherwise the information here is interesting and eloquent.

Lance Foster

The idea of the Ioway ever being part of the Anishabe is an interesting idea, and complimentary, but incorrect according to our ancient Ioway origin traditions, as well as those traditions of the Dakota, Hochunk, Illiniwek, Otoe, Missouria, Omaha, Osage, Ponca, Kansa, Potawatomi, etc. However, we are always interested in learning the stories that are out there.

In trying to learn of your tribal condition and status as a traditional Anishnabeg (Ojibwa-- Ioways called them "Chipu"), it seems you are actually from Italy and are not Indian at all, and your group is running shamanism and sweatlodges for significant dollar amounts down in Arizona, according to the following information:

Jan Pitcher

Excellent information. I feel bad that this wasn't covered in the news, and would recommend that these important gifts presented by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma be exhibited at the State Capitol in Des Moines for the public to see.

Jeff Miller

History is fascinating, especially the hidden aspects that folks like the Rundles so carefully and sometimes painstakingly explore. Unfortunately, all too often these precious accounts can get marginalized, forgotten or even lost in the shuffle of the daily unawakened grind. I hope that the Governor and the people of Iowa will not allow this to happen in this case. A simple but important display of the Ioway cultural artifacts that were donated to the People of Iowa could go a very long way in illuminating the confusion of a dark past and lead us to new and brighter vistas for our future. All the best to the Ioway People and to the People of Iowa!

Tom Harvey

There is room in the State Historical Building for a permanent display of the Ioway gifts. I urge Gov. Culver and his staff to make it possible for ALL Iowa people to view and contemplate their signifcance. We are all related..Europeans, Asians, Africans or whatever mix and should be able to honor the people who originally allowed us to enter their homeland.

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