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"Sons & Daughters of Thunder" Opens Over the Rhine Film Festival at Harriet Beecher Stowe House July 8

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The award-winning and 2020 Mid-America Emmy nominated Sons & Daughters of Thunder will screen at the Over the Rhine Film Festival in Cincinnati at 5PM (ET) on July 8th, opening night of the three-day film showcase.

The festival committee arranged for the film to screen in the historic Harriet Beecher Stowe House, 2950 Gilbert Avenue and filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films will participate in Q&A after the presentation.

Seating is limited. Visit for ticket information. 

Based on the play by Earlene Hawley and Curtis Heeter, the film tells the unforgettable true story of the first-in-the-nation 1834 emancipation debates led by firebrand abolitionist Theodore Weld (Thomas Alan Taylor) in Cincinnati, Ohio, and their effect on a young Harriet Beecher Stowe’s (Jessica Taylor) views of slavery.

The film was co-produced by Kelly & Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films and Kent Hawley, and Executive Producer Kimberly Kurtenbach. Award-winning cinematographer Kevin Railsback served as the Director of Photography. The original score was created by award-winning composer William Cambell and it received a 2020 Mid-America Emmy. nommination.

Sons & Daughters of Thunder was partially funded by a grant from the Quad City Arts, the Illinois Arts Council Agency, with support from Friends of the Harriet Beecher Stowe HouseWalnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, and the Bix Biederbecke InnThe Moline Foundation and the Shell Rock Community Historical Society served as the fiscal sponsors on the film project.  The film is co-produced by Kelly & Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films and Kent Hawley. Kimberly Kurtenbach is the Executive Producer of the film.

Kelly & Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films are the producers of multiple award-winning historical documentaries and the Mid-America Emmy® nominated documentaries Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City, Country School: One Room – One Nation, River to River: Iowa's Forgotten Highway 6 and Letters Home to Hero Street (co-produced with WQPT). 

To order any of Fourth Wall Films documentaries or film projects on DVD or view them via streaming, visit SHOP FOURTH WALL FILMS.