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September 07, 2007



My wife grew up 50 yards from this house. Her best friend growing up was a girl who's parents owned this house. My wife and her slept IN THE ATTIC with an axe and a Ouija Board calling for the Axe murderer. According to local myth, the Axe Murderer hid in the attic. Nothing has ever happened in this house and nothing ever will. THERE ARE NO GHOSTS!!!!! I Repeat.....THERE ARE NO GHOSTS!!!

Arlean Thompson

My grandmother (deceased) knew the family who brought the house after the murders and it was never haunted.

Sierra Sprouse

Have they ever solve this murder? Im looking into this case just for fun and if you could help me out that would be awesome. I believe in ghosts and spirts and they live. I have seen some before but most of them are in my dreams. Its different because i saw this case in my dreams and never heard about it till now. Can you help me?

Sharon Hutchinson

Although quite a skeptic, due to personal experiences I believe something is going on with "hauntings"--they may even be psychological in origin.

That said, there seems to be an accepted premise that anywhere a murder occurred automatically means a place is haunted. This is certainly NOT the case. I don't think this house or the LIzzie Borden house has any paranormal activity worthy of analyses. People just seem to prefer to think of the matter in this way. It adds to the chill factor.

Michael Hancock

I stayed there just over a month ago and there is no doubt in my mind that it's haunted. Not only was there a terrifying vibe there, but things happened. For the people who disbelieve this. I would LOVE to see you stay the night in that house ALONE.


The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.


My dad went to Villisca, Iowa to see about this villisca axe murder house and he got freaked out. It looks awesome. He is taking us there this summer and I can't wait for it.


I just stayed there last night and I didn't see a thing, we taunted and called out the supposed "murderer" in the attic as well as tried a ouija board to contact the kids. Not one thing happened so we fell asleep in the beds and I slept just fine. It was very disappointing.


Would love to stay a night there, sounds interesting.


I just stayed there last night and I didn't see a thing, we taunted and called out the supposed "murderer" in the attic as well as tried a board to contact the kids.

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